July 29, 2012

    Like a lot of you, I've been watching the Olympics over the last few days. Okay, I've been glued to my computer, watching hours of competition... There is a big reason. I have to say that it has been gratifying to me in several new ways. Before SoGoPro, I only rooted for American athletes... Before you start throwing tomatoes at me (and YES, I probably do deserve to have a few lobbed at me for being THAT ugly American and the awful words I used to scream at the television during sporting events when American athletes got beat by other nations BETTER athletes) - this Olympics, I have had a huge change of heart... YES, I do cheer fiercely for my country's athletes as they compete but I now look with wiser eyes at all the wonderful athletes and the countries they proudly represent. During these games I've thought often of all of our SoGoPro friends around the globe and it's made me happy for them as their athletes do well. Today, for instance, I listened to the South African anthem for the first time( LISTEN HERE ) as van der BURGH Cameron proudly accepted his gold medal and gave his country a WORLD RECORD in the 100 meter breaststroke and shared that pride with a greater understanding of that country and some of it's wonderful people. When France beat us at the wire during men's 400 free relay final today - taking the gold, I didn't yell and get angry/sulk like I would have in earlier years, nope... I thought of our French friends cheering and I cheered with them. An amazing race that was won by the athlete who is just that much better. Just how amazing and wonderful is the host country? From the opening ceremonies (WOW, just WOW) to beautiful event buildings and the sheer logistics of smoothly putting this mammoth event on. Even more amazing are the good people of the UK, who show up each day to support the athletes. I've watched them standing out in the inclement UK weather cheering for the men and women's cycling road races (that could be a bit boring even though I enjoy the sport). I could tell by their enthusiastic cheering that they couldn't care less what country the riders where from as they raced by, they were supporting them all... As it should be. Every athlete competing is an ambassador for their country - contributing to a greater global richness. We consider every contributing member of our SoGo Street Team to be a valuable asset - adding to the creativity, diversity and artistic innovation for which we continue to strive. We're excited to hear from you - and looking forward to cheering alongside the countries, events and athletes that you all are interested in. Let's see how many more new SoGoPro friends we can make and get their flags waving too! kt