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SoGoPro Featured Artist: Bibis Ellison
“soulful spine-tingling voice” – Star-News Online
"sometimes creepy, sometimes lovely” - Bibis

Quick Facts:
• Daughter of artist (mom) & musician (dad)
• Alumnus of: South Carolina School for Arts Academy AND Academy of Arts, Science & Technology of Myrtle Beach, SC
• Majored in Musical Theatre with a background in Vocal Performance

Musical Inspirations: Gospel
Growing up, listened to: Classic Rock ‘n Roll, Southern Rock, Classic R ‘n B
~ Watch a video of Bibis singing acapella and giving an interview to Wilmington Star-News. August 20, 2008
~ Bibis is building a fan base - interview
~ Bibis: Wilmington's Rock Gypsy

“I was singing in church, when I was really little, and someone offered operatic vocal training to me when I was very young, and my dad told them no because he was afraid I would lose my soul. He was afraid that if I lost, you know, these unique characteristics that I was showing, you know, vocally…he was afraid that I would lose them and I couldn’t agree with him more, at 26. In terms of formal voice lessons, my dad never let me do, he didn’t want me to take away the blues. I just, I would love to sing as long as people wanna listen”
-Bibis Ellison

For more Bibis, check out her Myspace Music Page

SGP & Bibis
“I want to announce to everybody right now that Southern Gothic is taking Bibis under their wing. We’re putting her in the studio, and we are gonna record her stuff and put it out there for you guys [...] We’ve got some really great sound facilities here in Wilmington. We are going to get some professional recordings of these amazing original songs. You’re also doing the music for Pedestrian, a cover song that will remain nameless… So, you’re doing music for the film, you’re going to be recording some of your own stuff, and then we’re going to put it out there for you guys! And I promise you, you’re gonna love it. Look at the girl. She’s perfect!”

"After working at MTV, I learned very quickly how rare it is to encounter an artist that had talent AND a ease in conversation that makes them approachable and inspires an attachment from the audience. Does it help that she and I are already good friends....of course! But I've watched Bibis maneuver crowds, and interact with strangers as if they were old friends. She is the real deal, folks.

Hilarie Burton

Bibis Singing Austin Nichols Happy Birthday
Hilarie Burton Interviews Bibis
SoGoPro's Muse at the Market Street Salloon
Bibis - new song "Foxes"

Bibis and sister Katie covers "iamundernodisguise" by School of Seven Bells
Bibis sings "Lady of Nobody"

Look out for Bibis' blog contributions on the site.
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