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SoGoPro Store Merchandise Return Policy

Customer Service Contact Information
(516) 256.7766
Customer Service Business Address:
457 Rockaway Ave
Valley Stream, NY 11581


Return Policy

We are unable to exchange items. In order to exchange an item, we suggest returning the unwanted item for a refund and placing a new order for the item you want.

To return an item, please take the following steps:
1. Call our Online Returns Center at (516) 256.7766.) or email Jackie@acemarketing.netYou will then be emailed a return mailing label that you will have to print.
2. Pack the items with the original receipt or the gift receipt.
3. Affix the return mailing label you printed from our Online Returns Center to the package.
4. Leave the package with your mail carrier.
We will confirm receipt of the returned item by email. You will also receive a confirmation email once a credit has been issued to your credit card.


Cancellation Policy

To cancel an order you have placed with Sogopro, by phone (516.256.7766), or emailing
Every effort will be made to accommodate the cancellation of your order as long as it has not yet shipped.
When contacting customer support to cancel an order, please be ready to provide your name, the order number, and your contact information.
Please note that if the item has shipped, the order cannot be canceled. In this case, you can request to return the item for a refund (minus shipping costs).


Delivery/Shipping Policy

All items indicated to be in-stock are shipped within the week that the order is placed.

A confirmation email is sent once the item leaves our warehouse. This email will not onlyconfirm that the item has left our warehouse, but will also provide the UPS tracking number for your item along with an estimated delivery date (according to UPS, and based on the shipping method you selected).

IMPORTANT: As inventory fluctuates hourly, an item indicated as “instock” when you place your order may, in fact, be out of stock.

In this event, we make every effort to contact you by email immediately to notify you that your order will be placed on backorder.

The email will also provide you with information on how to cancel the order if you would prefer not to wait for the item to be in stock again.