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  • What the Hellick has been going on?

    May 29, 2013


    Well, hey ya'll -
    It's been a while. We know that. You know that. So...why? Well, it all comes down to change. Hilarie has been hard at work with White Collar, and most recently pilot season and Grey's Anatomy, but most earnestly, investing in what trumps all things career - her enviable family. Since One Tree Hill came to an end, Kelly has been working his butt off all over the state of North Carolina. And while working on continuing my writing craft, I decided to enter the production world on a different avenue, and started working in casting. 
    While balancing the changes of our individual lives, we came to the conclusion that our most worthwhile project to move forward is a television series that we've actually never discussed on the site before. I wrote a pilot for this series directly after Pedestrian, and since then it has gone through a few transitions. After Hilarie took meetings with several networks, we became more aware of how the pulse of current television was beating, and Hilarie and I continued to tweak our project to make it pitch-ready. In February, thanks to KT's networking, we were given the opportunity to pitch the series to a cable network. Honestly, our series wasn't a good fit for that particular network, but we were so grateful (and nerve-wracked) for the opportunity to make our first pitch. BUT what came out of that pitch is that we were signed by an incredible (and I do mean incredible) literary manager out here in Los Angeles. So, with Kelly holding down our Wilmington HQ, I took a gigantic leap and hoped a net would appear, as I threw away all of the comforts and securities of my former life and moved to LA on a wish and a prayer. I won't tell you it's been easy by any means; every day is a lesson learned. The good news is, however, that SoGoPro is closer than ever before to bringing you the goods we've promised. Hilarie and I have been pitching our series to other producers with proven track records of bringing fantastic visions to television, with the ultimate goal of aligning with one of these producing groups. I truly wish I could tell you about some of these folks we've been meeting with, but it's pretty tacky to name-drop so I'll just say instead, we have been mega-pleased with each of our meetings. I can't really reveal much about our next steps nor about the content of the project at this point, but trust me, it's all VERY VERY VERY good.
    So...what about Pedestrian? I think the easiest way to explain what happened with Pedestrian is that it fell victim to the fate that many, many, many scripts do - it got sentenced to development hell. Hilarie, Kelly, and I did the best and most we could with what we had to work with at the time, but we weren't able to get it to that right investor, that right co-producer, that right distributor. Though as yet unproduced, Pedestrian did many things for Southern Gothic Productions. It brought the three of us together, which is most important of all. It brought all of you to us. It taught us so much about how to move forward, and how not to. And it certainly furthered my own belief that Austin Nichols was born to play Lincoln Booth...eventually. So yes, I believe there is a future for Pedestrian. Hil and I wax on it at least once a month. For me personally,Pedestrian was the first script I ever wrote, and even though I recognize its raw integrity, my writing has changed a lot since I first put pen to page. In all likeliness, there would be a complete overhaul of the script. More importantly, Pedestrian was originally written as a way to find closure with some personal events in my life, but years later, my life is much different than it was, and how I consider my life is much different, so now, there is a different story about Lincoln Booth that I want to tell. Hope we get to tell it.
    We continue to thank you for all the support ya'll have given us along the way, and hope you'll hang in there to see what's around the corner. We're moving forward with more momentum than we've ever had the opportunity before, and we need you to keep believing in what we're going to achieve. Hil, KT, and I couldn't do it individually, nor can we do it without all of ya'll. Start up a convo in the chatroom, keep asking us questions and we'll do our best to answer, and hang with us in the Twittersphere (@SoGoPro & my personal acct. @HonkifuHashtag) - sorry guys, Hil doesn't tweet and she probably never will. It's not her bag. But when you tweet your msgs to me, I always let her know what's what.
    And for those of you that haven't caught on yet, The True-Love Tale of Boyfriend & Girlfriend is now available to watch for free on Vimeo. We greatly appreciate all of you that supported us by purchasing it from FilmBaby, but we thought the time had come to post it for the universe to see. Here's the link if you're feeling nostalgic, or never got to check it out at all:
    Cheers, beers, and no fears - N.Gray

  • Happy Happy New Year

    January 22, 2013

    I'm late to the party wishing everyone a Happy New Year. Criss crossing the country to be with family is the greatest of adventures, but leaves time for little else. This Christmas was the first time in years my entire family has been together. I'm crazy about them. And the pride of all of their accomplishments makes my heart swell. Some of you may remember my brother Conrad....he's the eye and the lens behind our Southern Gothic photo shoots. Well, I'd like to introduce you to his long-time girlfriend Jessica Wimmer. She too is dark of heart and sees mystery in every corner. She is my book-friend (gave me "Your House is on Fire, Your Children All Gone" by Stefan Kiesbye for Christmas. I read it in one sitting.) and she is a literary legend in the making. Just recently she had a story published in Deep South magazine. So here it gift to you. Lets give the girl a hand!


    editor's note: originally published 6-Jan-2013

  • 22-Jan UPDATE: Changes on

    January 14, 2013

    Hey all,

    As you've noticed, we're going through some changes.  The new platform is a tad different than our previous one.  

    22-Jan - PROGRESS!

    1.  You need to sign-in with your e-mail address (the one you used way back when signing onto the old site).  Your user name won't work here... All users have to click the forgot password link, follow instructions and create a new password.

    2.  During the import, some of the profile pictures/avatars where either lost or didn't make the jump.  You may need to re-upload.

    3.  When you look at your profile, please pick your language and country that you are from... right now it is probably wrong.

    4.  When registering, you have to fill in the Last Name Field with something... it can be a symbol if you like.

    5.  If you have registered after September you will have to create a new account, our newist members accounts didn't make it over to the new site on the import. : (


    6. You should now be able to update your own profile - add your profile picture/avatar, share other networks where we may find you etc. (Look for the tabs at the top of the profile field.)

    7. IMPORTANT - Also from the profile edit screen, you can change your password. Please do! 

    As we move around the site and find other little technical issues I'll add to this list and or if you come across issues please let us know so we can get them worked out!!

    We're told by the good people at Ace that Comments on posts past and future will be restored on the 24th. In the meantime, if you need to talk - find our live chatbox on the right hand sidebar - there's usually someone around who can help.

    Many Thanks,





    July 29, 2012

    Like a lot of you, I've been watching the Olympics over the last few days. Okay, I've been glued to my computer, watching hours of competition... There is a big reason. I have to say that it has been gratifying to me in several new ways. Before SoGoPro, I only rooted for American athletes... Before you start throwing tomatoes at me (and YES, I probably do deserve to have a few lobbed at me for being THAT ugly American and the awful words I used to scream at the television during sporting events when American athletes got beat by other nations BETTER athletes) - this Olympics, I have had a huge change of heart... YES, I do cheer fiercely for my country's athletes as they compete but I now look with wiser eyes at all the wonderful athletes and the countries they proudly represent. During these games I've thought often of all of our SoGoPro friends around the globe and it's made me happy for them as their athletes do well. Today, for instance, I listened to the South African anthem for the first time( LISTEN HERE ) as van der BURGH Cameron proudly accepted his gold medal and gave his country a WORLD RECORD in the 100 meter breaststroke and shared that pride with a greater understanding of that country and some of it's wonderful people. When France beat us at the wire during men's 400 free relay final today - taking the gold, I didn't yell and get angry/sulk like I would have in earlier years, nope... I thought of our French friends cheering and I cheered with them. An amazing race that was won by the athlete who is just that much better. Just how amazing and wonderful is the host country? From the opening ceremonies (WOW, just WOW) to beautiful event buildings and the sheer logistics of smoothly putting this mammoth event on. Even more amazing are the good people of the UK, who show up each day to support the athletes. I've watched them standing out in the inclement UK weather cheering for the men and women's cycling road races (that could be a bit boring even though I enjoy the sport). I could tell by their enthusiastic cheering that they couldn't care less what country the riders where from as they raced by, they were supporting them all... As it should be. Every athlete competing is an ambassador for their country - contributing to a greater global richness. We consider every contributing member of our SoGo Street Team to be a valuable asset - adding to the creativity, diversity and artistic innovation for which we continue to strive. We're excited to hear from you - and looking forward to cheering alongside the countries, events and athletes that you all are interested in. Let's see how many more new SoGoPro friends we can make and get their flags waving too! kt